Trust Lamisil® products to Cure Ringworm

Lamisil® products contain Terbinafine, one of the leading* active ingredients for anti-fungals. Use the same Lamisil® products for Athlete´s Foot as to treat Ringworm.

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*Sources: Rotta Efficacy Antifungal treatment dermatophytosys BJD 2012 and Rotta Efficacy Topical antifungal treatment dermatophytosys JAMA 2013

How Lamisil® Cream Works to Cure Ringworm

* See Drug Facts for detailed application information

*Disclaimer: This claim does not refer to length of clinical action and it is only supported by PK data.

Sources: Mayoclinic and WebMD


Why it's Important to Stick with Ringworm Treatment

Don’t assume your Ringworm is gone just because your symptoms start to get better or even disappear. By discontinuing treatment prematurely, you run the risk of having your Ringworm come back. Continue the treatment as advised even if your symptoms disappear.*

* (usage must be approved locally)

Sources: Mayoclinic and CDC

Tips for Preventing Ringworm

Sources: Mayoclinic

Lamisil® Ringworm Treatment Options